Craig Dalton is the CEO and co-founder of DODOcase. In this interview we talk to Dalton about his entrepreneurship journey of manufacturing products locally in San Francisco. How did the idea for a locally manufactured product using traditional book binding  craftsmanship take shape at DODOcase? How did they go from making iPad and iWatch stand to making a Virtual Reality (VR) cardboard viewer?

Dalton shares the backstory of how they discovered and created VR cardboard viewers. They launched a product page within 4 hours of discovering the VR cardboard viewer. In 2014 Google introduced a concept called Google cardboard, a proof point for developers that you can use an Android phone to create a virtual reality (VR), immersive experience explains Dalton. Google gave out 6k of these VR cardboard viewers to developers at Google I/O conference in 2014. And one of those cardboard viewers came into the hands of DODOcase team, who quickly realized they could make one for the masses. The DODOcase cardboard viewer works with Android and IOS smart phones. So far they have sold 500k VR cardboard viewers.

VR cardboard viewer is just one of the many products that DODOcase creates.  The San Francisco-based startup’s first product was a locally designed and manufactured iPad case. They created their first beta product at TechShop. When their product took off they went from making it at TechShop to bringing the manufacturing of their product in-house in San Francisco.

Here is something that has never happened before on our TV show. As we were taping our interview, one of our engineers went online and ordered an iWatch stand from DODOcase.