Is Seattle-based Amazon opening a store in Silicon Valley? It seems that just be the case according to this article in Silicon Valley Business Journal. While Amazon has not confirmed this news, the paper reports that there is a new building coming up in Sunnyvale and that Amazon could be one of its “likely tenant.”  The new building is coming up on 777 Sunnyvale Saratoga Road, which is not far from El Camino Real, the long stop and go street that snakes from San Francisco all the way up to Santa Clara and beyond. This is a central location in Silicon Valley and not far from the various bedroom communities that dot this area.

Amazon is apparently developing a new drive-up concept for its store in Silion Valley. Drive-up and online delivery services have been slowly making their way into various places in Silicon Valley. There is Google Express,where you order and Google drops off your shopping order the same day. The delivery is free if your order is over $15. There is a $10 membership free for Google Express, but you try it for free for 3 months.

Certainly there is a lot happening in the retail space when it comes to helping customers grab their shopping and go. A couple of months ago I spotted a new concept at a local Target store in Silicon Valley. As I drove into the parking lot I was distracted for a few seconds by folks standing by the curbside with a line of bags and the powder blue logo. This is the new pick-up your shopping by the curb side concept and I am guessing this solution is from Palo Alto-based Curbside. I have not veified if it was Curbside that  just landed $25 million in funding in June.

Today we have lot of options on how to shop and save time in Silicon Valley. Why is it then I see long lines in various stores despite all these options? I wonder why? I wonder if some of us are reluctant to go subscribe to these online services because of our concerns about all that data being collected and dumped into that huge cauldron called big data?