The Kamla Show Podcast

The Kamla Show Podcast

Over the years I have had people ask why my podcast inteviews are not up on my YouTube channel. I heard them, but was unsure if I should mingle my TV/video interviews with my audio. In the last few months that request has only grown and I can no longer ignore them. So, starting today I will upload 1 or 2 podcasts every week on my YouTube channel and feel free to subscribe to the playlist of podcast interviews.

The goal is to publish one podcast interview on Fridays and a second one on Tuesdays. The Friday podcast will feature  filmmakers, authors or artists interviews.

If you have not, you might want to subscribe to my YouTube channel. It is easy – click on this link and then hit the big red link that says subscribe and every week you will get new interviews in your mailbox.

As always, thank you for your support and for subscribing and listening to the interviews.