My TV Show’s Third Anniversary

This month marks the third anniversary of my TV show where we feature interviews and conversation with entrepreneurs, technologists, filmmakers and other news from the San Francisco Bay area. The TV show’s goal is to  is to connect the various communities of the Bay area through stories and showcase the diversity of the area.

I spent more than 3 years preparing for my TV show. I first spent a year taking classes and completing a certification on TV and Radio production and editing. I got a jump start on my radio show, which I still do every week. But, I spent a lot of time trying to muster courage to start my TV show. We did a bunch of dry runs in the studio to figure out the format of the show and how to organize the show. Even after all that initial preparation I was very nervous if we could pull this off. We pulled it off with a lot of help from so many, many people.

The first show to air three years ago was an interview with filmmaker Nicolas Jarecki about his debut film Arbitrage starring Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon, Brit Marling and others. I vividly recollect getting up at 4.30 am to get ready, pick up the camera person and drive to San Francisco for the interview. We had 15 minutes to record our interview. Jarecki was wonderful when I explained to him he was the first person I was interviewing for my new TV show. He was making his debut as a director of a feature film, and here I was making my debut on TV.

The interview with Jarecki aired on a couple of channels in Silicon Valley on a weekly basis. We started wtih one interview every two weeks, and slowly ramped up to a weekly show. During the process we learned to iron out many, many wrinkles and get a process in place. Shooting in the studio was infinitely easier since we did a live-to-tape show. Generally, live-to-tape shows require minimum editing and that is a huge plus when you are producing a weekly show on a slim budget. But, these studio interviews require a lot of organization nd prep work. Shooting outside the studio is a bit easier, but a lot more challenging when it comes to editing and assembling a half hour show. Today, the TV show airs in many markets in San Francisco Bay area and a couple of markets on the East Coast.

Creating a weekly TV show requires a lot of help and support from many, many people. There are so many people behind the scenes, who have helped, supported and encouraged me in my journey. There are crew members, editors, hair dresses, make-up artists and all the wonderful people at various TV stations where the show airs. A special mention to all the PR folks, who helped with the interviews. This show would not be possible were it not for all these people, whom you don’t get to see. And a big thank you to my husband for his help and support.

All the show area available on my YouTube channel. It will be wonderful if  you can show your support by susbcribing to our YouTube channel.

Thank you for your help, support and encouragement. I truly value it.