Has India’s time come? What will it take to unlock India’s economic potential? “The solutions are known, the paths are known but can we quickly decide and execute on them? That is the challenge for India,” says Dr. Pramath Sinha, who is co-founder of Ashoka University and Indian School of Business, CEO of 9.9 Media and Senior Counselor at Alrbright Stonebridge Group.

“The time has come for India for sometime now.” says Dr. Sinha. “As an economy we are only 24 years old,” he adds referring to the economic liberalization reforms introduced by Dr. Manmohan Singh. India had a decade a growth after the liberalization policies were introduced and then it floundered and “we retreated into a shell and politics centered around inclusion and development.”

Dr. Singh was the man, who unschackled India from its social framework over 24 years ago. Dr. Singh was also the Prime Minister, who declared at a state dinner hosted by President Obama in Washington DC that India’s time has come.  “The promise has always been there, the delivery always been short of the promise,” explains Dr. Sinha.

Could India’s current Prime Minister Narendra Modi help unlock India’s economic potential?  Prime Minister Modi is putting the right building blocks and trying to revive the economic growth side, while not letting go off the development agenda points out Dr. Sinha.

We also spoke with Dr. Sinha about his interest in education and what led him and his team to found a new liberal arts college modelled after a 4-year American college system. Tune it to find out what he has to say.