Meet Anarghya Vardhana, a millennial investor, marathoner, math whiz and dancer. We spoke to Vardhana on how she developed her interests in science, technology & sports and how did they turn shape her professional career. For instance, we were curious to find if participating in sports activities helped develop her confidence level. How did sports help hone her skill as a team player?

Vardhana credits her parents for helping develop her interests in science, technology and sports. When we asked her whom she turns for advice her prompt reply was “My father.”  She counts her father as her best friend.

Vardhana graduated from Stanford in 2005 and immediately joined Google. After 4 years at Google she left to work at a startup for a brief period.  She then worked for a non-profit organization and Rothenberg Ventures of San Francisco that is often referred as a millennial VC firm. At Rothenberg she focussed on Virtual Reality (VR) and women in VR. She recently joined Maveron, a VC firm focussed on consumer-only business.

This interview is part of our Women in Science and Tech series sponsored by Zoho Corp. The interview was broadcast on TV in San Francisco Bay area.