Jay Roach

Jay Roach

Filmmaker Jay Roach’s new film Trumbo takes you back to the start of the Cold War period and the fight for the American way of life in Hollywood. The film revisits a dark phase in Hollywood’s history and how fear propelled people in the film industry to act in different ways. The film highlights how Trumbo fought for his right to express ideas and for his freedom of speech. In a way it Trumbo’s fight for his First Amendment rights. What is this American way of life is an idea that Roach examines through the life of Trumbo.

Dalton Trumbo’s political beliefs landed him jail and blacklisted in Hollywood. Trumbo, a talented screenwriter, wrote Roman Holiday, Spartacus, Exodus and many other films. In spite of being blacklisted Trumbo continued to write under different names and in the end he prevailed his words.

In this interview we spoke to Roach on what drew him to make Trumbo and how they got Bryan Cranston to play the lead role. We were also curious to find out what draws Roach time and again to look at the American way of life in his films.

Trumbo stars Bryan Cranston as Trumbo, Diane Lane, CK Louis, Helen Mirren, Elle Fanning and John Goodman.


Roach is the director of  Austin Powers trilogy, Meet The Parents, Meet The Fockers and The Campaign. He is the producer of Borat, Sisters and other project.

Roach studied Economics at Stanford and then went to study film at University of Southern California.


  • Title: TRUMBO (Rated R)
  • Running Time: 124 minutes
  • Status: November 13, 2015 in San Francisco
  • Country: USA
  • Genre: DRAMA