Oscar nominated director Lenny Abrahamson’s film Room has got 4 Oscar nominations. They are for best director, film, best female actress and best adapted screenplay. That the film scored 4 Oscar nominations may come as a surprise to some, but not to those who have seen the film.

We recorded this interview with Abrahamson in San Francisco just before the release of the film. Room is based on a novel by Emma Donaghue by the same name. This is a love story between a mother and her young son, who are held captive and live in a small room. They somehow manage to escape and struggle to find their footing in a free world. Abrahamson has brilliantly captured the nuances of this fragile and powerful relationship between mother and son in this film. Brie Larson plays the mother and Jacbob Tremblay, a young Canadian actor plays as the son.

Recently, Abrahamson shared a long letter he wrote Donaghue on why he should be allowed to direct the film. The letter is an eye-opener and lets you get a sense of how Abrahamson analysed the novel and shared how he plans to shoot the film. “I love this book, I feel I understand how it works, and I believe I have the skill and sensitivity to do it justice on film.” The letter contains the blueprint of how Abrahamson wanted to approach and make this emotionally strong film. Is it any surprise then that Donaghue agreed to have Abrahamson direct the film?

There is a strong chance that Larson will bag an Oscar for her role in Room. I won’t be surprised if the film gets an award either for the best film or director.

If you missed watching the film, you might want to see it. I almost did not see the film. When I got a press invite to see the film I declined it. I did not think I could see the film. The only reason I watched it is because the person handling the PR for the film urged me to give it a try. You won’t regret it she promised. Am so glad that I did get to watch it, and got an opportunity to interview the brilliant and funny Abrahamson, who grew up in Dublin.

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