The 59th San Francisco International Film Festival is underway from now till May 5, 2016. With over 170 films showing at the festival it is always a challenge to figure out what films to watch and invariably you end up missing some really good films. That is my constant dilemma during film festivals, but the important thing is they make it my radar and makes it to my list of films to watch.

Here is a list of films that I watched and liked them for various reasons. Some films delighted me, while others put me in a pensive mood and got me a bit dejected about our species and the way we live. Then there were films that had me completely absorbed and I came away learning something new and interesting.

This list is presented in no particular order: Morris From America, Indignation, Weiner, Love and Friendship, The Lobster, Maggie’s Plan, The Man Who Knew Infinity, Weiner, Our Kind of Traitor and Radio Dreams.  And here are some films I would like to see like Nuts, The Music of Strangers: Yo-Yo Ma and The Silk Road Ensemble, Thithi and Salero.

Let me confess that I may have missed out quite a few good films.


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