Rasike Kumar

Meet Rasika Kumar, who has learnt the fine art of balancing her twin interests in technology and dance. You could say Kumar combines the professional interests of her parents – her father is an engineer and her mother is a dancer. And growing up in Silicon Valley she was surrounded by cutting-edge technology and tech companies.

Kumar studied computer science at MIT and now works as an engineer at Google. Before discovering her love for science and math she discovered her love for dance. She was surrounded by music and dance and learnt to dance at the age of 4 years old since her mother Mythili Kumar is a dancer, choreographer and founder of Abhinaya Dance Company in San Jose. The route to studying computer science was less direct than learning to dance points out Kumar. She is a choreographer, lead dancer and Associate Director at Abhinaya Dance Company.

We sat down with Kumar to find out how she developed an interest in science and math and what was the role of her parents in helping her nuture her interests in science and arts. Did she have challenges learning math? Who helped with her math and science homework? Did she want to be a computer science engineer? How does she balance her interests in technology and dance? Tune in to find out the answers to these questions and more.


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