Stanford Theatre

San Francisco Bay area fans of filmmaker Ernst Lubitsch are in for a treat at Stanford Theatre. From now till March 25, 2017 you can catch Lubitsch’s silent and talkie or sound films. Lubitsch was known for his witty and elegant films like Trouble In Paradise, Ninotchka and The Shop Around the Corner.


Lubitsch started his career in Germany, which is where he was born. He later moved to the USA and worked in Hollywood, where he became a prominent filmmaker and for a while was head of Paramount. Lubitsch’s influence on young filmmakers was enormous. Filmmaker Billy Wilder worked for Lubitsch and paid homage to his mentor when he said: ” I’d think, How would Lubitsch do it?”


You can catch Lubitsch’s films at the Stanford Theatre. Check their website for information and timings.


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