For the past 2 years we have produced a special TV series on Women in Science & Tech. Our sense was that this series would resonate with our audience in the San Francisco Bay area. Happily we got very encouraging feedback from viewers and programming folks from various TV stations.  And then we expanded our footprint and ventured outside of our comfort zone in SF Bay area. Happily we got very encouraging feedback from the programming folks from various markets in the USA. All this encouraging feedback means that need to produce more episodes in 2017.

Guests featured in this series share their story of how they got interested in math and science, and how their parents helped develop their interest. Not all of them had an easy time at school and a couple of them did not pursue math and science in college, and yet they ended up working in the tech industry. Tune in to find out their stories.

This series on Women in Science and Tech is sponsored by Zoho.

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