So, there I was at a screening of Kong: Skull Island at a IMAX theatre with my 3D glasses jammed over my regular glasses. Get ready for some fantastic action whispered my better half. I could sense the excitement in the theatre and it looked like folks were really looking forward to watching this picture.

Kong: Skull Island is directed by Jordan Charles Vogt-Roberts and has a stellar cast of  Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman, John C. Riley and others.

The first 20 minutes of the film was interesting, but after that I had a hard time watching it. What was the film about? Was it a love story between the leading male and female protagonist? Or, was it a fight between man and ape? Or, was it a quest to find the secret of Skull Island? The film script is weak is one way to put it. What kept me engaged was the fantastic music track scattered throughout the film.

After 118 minutes I was glad that the film was over. It is a pity that Hiddleston, Goodman and Larson were under utilized in the film. Riley was the one shining star of the film.

And, what did my better half think of the film? He was a tad disappointed.

May I point you to Peter Bradshaw’s review of Kong:Skull Island? Only de-evolution can explain this zestless mashup writes Bradshaw. It is hard not to concur with his view.

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