We caught up with Academy award-winning director Michel Hazanavicius  when he was in San Francisco for the SFFILM festival. We spoke to him about his new film Godard Mon Amour. The film is based on the memoirs of Anne Wiazemsky, who was married to Godard and looks at a specific time period in the couple’s life – the late 1960s. Wiazemsky passed away in 2017 saw Godard Mon Amour and liked it says Hazanavicius.

“This is my Godard,” says the filmmaker. Hazanavicius says he has never met Godard and is not aware if the famous French filmmaker has seen the film.It is not often that a living film legend is the subject of a feature film. Godard is one of the founding members of the French New Wave. Age has not slowed down Godard, who is attending the 2018 Cannes Film Festival. In fact the 2018 poster for the Cannes Film Festival is based on a 1965 Godard film.

Godard Mon Amour is based on the memoirs of Anne Wiazemsky, who was married to Godard The film.stars Louis Garell, Stacy Martin,Bernice Bejo and Gregory Gadebois.

The film has mixed reviews. The New York Times says  you will “hate-watch” Godard Mon Amour, while The LA Times says the film is “curiously inconsequential homage,” to Godard.

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