Filmmaker Kimberly Reed shares how and why she made her new documentary Dark Money. Reed looks at how dark money enters the domestic politics of her home state of Montana and influenced the outcome of political elections. Dark money means money that cannot be traced to its source,

Dark Money is a phrase that people in Montana were using in 2013 ,” shares Reed.  The seeds of making the film were planted in 2010 when the Supreme Court decision on United Citizens vs FEC was announced says Reed. Corporations are like individuals and corporations can spend unlimited money she says. She spent a few years tracking elections in Montana and who the funders were for these elections. Was this dark money having a corrupting influence on politicians is one of the strands that Reed examines.

Ironically, Montana was one of the first states to institute anti-corruption measures over 100 years ago. And in the 21st Montana became the first state to push back against United Citizens vs. FEC and that ignited Reed’s interest in going back to her home state and follow the story.  Everybody is worried about the money in politics and anonymous money is the worst she says.

What was interesting in Montana is that both the Democrats and Republicans came together to tackle the issue of dark money and issue of campaign finance. You will have to watch the film to find out how Montana did this.

Dark Money will air on PBS later in 2018.

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