Filmmaker Noel Dockstader shares why his creative partner Quinn Kanaly and he were drawn into making  their “in the moment” film Point of No ReturnThe filmmakers spent over 3 years in making their film about the first solar plane – Solar Impulse – that flew around the world by using renewable energy. What drew them to Solar Impulse project was the message attached to it. The mission’s message was about the environment, climate change and use of  clean energy shares Dockstader.

 Bertrand Piccard  and Andre Borschberg led the mission to fly around the world in a plane using renewable energy. Piccard’s grandfather was the first to see the earth’s stratosphere and his father was the first to go down in a bathysphere to the deepest part of the ocean.  Boschberg is a pilot and an engineer, who can fly any plane shares Dockstader. Helping Piccard and Borschberg realize their dream was a team of 120 people.

Dockstader shares how he and Quinlay first saw Solar Impulse. The plane had the wing span a little larger than a Boeing 747 and weighed about the size of a family passenger car and had no jet fuel and relied only on solar energy to fly.

This is a highlight of an upcoming interview with Dockstader.  Stay tuned for the full interview that will be up soon.

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