Swedish filmmaker Bjorn Runge talks about the making of his film The Wife based on a novel by Meg Wolitzer. The film stars Glenn Close, Jonathan Pryce, Christian Slater, Max Irons and others. Jane Anderson wrote the screenplay for The Wife, who also wrote the screenplay for Olive Keterridge and Mad Men among others. 

The Wife is a timely film that traces the creative tensions between Prof Joe Castleman  (Pryce) and his wife Joan Castleman (Close). After many years of hard work Prof Castleman is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for Literature. The family flies to Stockholm, Sweden for the ceremony where things come to a head and ends with an interesting twist.

Runge’s feels he was chosen to direct the film because of his interest in looking at relationships within families. How much was Runge influenced by Ingmar Bergman? Runge says he is inspired by Bergman’s work. Bergman “was there since I was born,” he says and adds that he took film classes with Bergman in Sweden. Runge’s film does not have the same dark energy that permeates Bergman’s work. 

Runge works with a tight team that consists of his wife Lena Runge, who is the editor and Ulf Brantas, who is his cinematographer. How do they work together? Do they have any creative tensions? How he work with his actors on the set? How do they set up a shot?. Do they practice? Does he call out action or  does he let the camera roll when the actors are ready? Tune in to find out what Runge has to say,

The Wife releases on Aug 24, 2018 in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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