We spoke with filmmakers Darren Foster and Christina Constantini about the making of their lover letter of a film called Science Fair.  The film won an audience award at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival.

“Olympics of Science Fair,” is how one of the students describes this annual science festival that changes the lives of high school students in unexpected ways. The film is inspired by Constantini’s own involvement with the world of science fair as a high school student in Milwaukee. She discovered that not many people were award of this world of science and science fairs and the students who are doing amazing research. The filmmakers take us into the world of these funny, quirky and nerdy science students and through them we discover a whole different world of science lovers.

Constantini and Foster follow 9 different science students from the US, Brazil and Germany. The filmmakers also highlights the role a passionate science teacher and a football coach, who help chart and navigate their students path to success. “The camera gravitated towards Dr. McCalla (the science teacher),” shares Foster. Dr. McCalla, who teaches science at a high school in Long Island, NY is a force of nature, who is confident that one of her students will win a Nobel Prize one of these days.

The filmmakers spent a couple of years in making this film and their effort and dedication is clearly evident in the film that will leave you inspired.

Science Fair released in theaters in the US in September 2018.

This interview aired on TV in the US.

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