Dr. Michael Merzenich  is  a teacher, scientist, entrepreneur and an author. He is the co-founder and chief scientist at Posit Science of San Francisco that makes brain training software products.

You are the creation of your lifetime points out Dr. Merzenich in our 2-part interview. How do you harness the power of the brain? Ever thought how our brain works?  What makes our brains unique? Realize the potential to change and this is a capacity  we all have and for this we need to engage our brains says Dr. Merzenich. How do we live our life to the advantage of our brains? How did his interest in science begin? What was the role of his grandfather in shaping his worldview and his love for science? These and other questions are what we explore with Dr. Merzenich in our 2-part interview. This is part-1 and stay tuned for Part-2 of our interview with Dr. Merzenich.

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