Linda Pouliot moved from New York to  Silicon Valley to start a company, but did not know what kind of startup she wanted to create. That she did not have an engineering degree or a background in tech companies did not faze Pouliot. All she wanted to do is start a company in Silicon Valley and she had a strong background working in B2B retail and production.

One day while talking to her neighbor she discovered he was an engineer, who was interested in starting a company. He was pursing his MBA at Stanford University. And that initial  conversation sparked off an idea that lead to the birth of a robotics company called Neato Robotics in 2015.

Neato Robotics’ goal was to build a home robot. Pouliot was one of the co-founders of the company and was in charge of the operations and production of their robotic product. Neato was acquired by Germany’s Vorwerk.

Pouliot is now the founder of a second robotics company called Dishcraft Robotics. When we recorded the interview Pouliot’s company was still in stealth mode.

This is a highlight of a longer conversation with Pouliot and is part of Season 2 of our TV series on Women in Science and Tech.

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