In the next few weeks we will bring you conversations with engineers-turned-entrepreneur Pedro Alves and Steve Paolini. Both are Silicon Valley-based entrepreneurs, who share what propelled them to start their companies and what they are working to solve.

Alves is the founder and CEO of Ople, a startup that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data. He was working on his PhD when he landed his first job at a tech company and thus began his journey of working in Silicon Valley. After working in a couple of companies Alves decided to start his own company called Ople.

Paolini is the President of Telelumen, a 10 year old company whose tagline is recording and playback of light. LED has been Paolini’s single-minded focus for nearly 30 years. His first job out of college was at Hewlett Packard where he got his start with a group that worked on LED. He worked at at Hewlett-Packard and its spin-off for 20 years before striking out on his own and becoming an entrepreneur. He shares how and why he studied engineering and why he became an entrepreneur.

Tune back in the following few weeks for our conversation with Pedro Alves and Steve Paolini.

Both these conversations are scheduled to air on TV in the US.

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