Ever wondered how to correctly pronounce actor John Turturro’s last name? I wondered about the correct way to pronounce his name since he is one of my favorite actors. I got an opportunity to ask Turturro that question in 2014. Turturro was in San Francisco for the press junket of Fading Gigolothat he wrote, directed and acted. So, before we started the interview I needed to get this niggling doubt about how to pronounce his name out of the way.

Turns out there are a couple of different ways Turturro is pronounced. The actor commented that folks do have trouble pronouncing his last name. What does Turturro mean I asked. It stands for a crooked road and it is an old Italian name Turturro said.

You can watch the extended interview with Turturro where he talks about why he made Fading Gigola, his interest in music and growing up in New York. Fading Gigola has a wonderful music track. 

May I also suggest watching Turturro’s rich and vibrant film on the music of Naples or Napoli called Passione. This is a terrific film that showcases the various strands of influences that shaped the music and dance of Naples.

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