Tracy Edwards is a sailor, entrepreneur, author and a social activist. Edwards journey is brilliantly captured in Alex Holme’s 2019 documentary Maiden. 

Edwards is a trailblazer, who captioned the first all-female sailing crew sailed around the world. This was in 1989 when Edwards and her crew successfully participated and completed the Whitbread race. Their journey around the world took 9 months and many of them were skeptic about their ability to finish the race. They proved the skeptics wrong and successfully completed the race in their sailing boat called Maiden. first all-female crew to sail in this race. The name of their sailing boat was called Maiden.

We sat down with Edwards to talk about her childhood, being bullied at school and how learning to sail helped here through a rough period in her life. Her mother advised her to leave home and travel and that is what Edwards did. Her mother said, “Everyone is good at least one thing…and you can find it standing still…you have to move forward…you won’t find it standing here.”  Edwards says she is not good at sailing, but is very good at organizational skills. She is very good at choosing fantastic teams. 

Edwards went back to school in her 40s and finished her undergraduate degree, wrote a couple of books and is now a social activist with a mission to help young girls get an education.