Dr. Isabel Hawkins is an astronomer and an educator at San Francisco’s Exploratorium.  She shares how she developed a fascination for stars from an early age and how she pursued her interests and became an astronomer.

But, how does one become an astronomer? What are some of  the practical applications of studying astronomy?  Dr. Hawkins describes some of the amazing things that have come from astronomy. To be a good astronomer you have to be a good computer scientist, you have to know a bit of chemistry, you have to know physics she shares.

Dr. Hawkins does not subscribe to the belief that your job prospects are limited if you study astronomy.  She says you may not get a tenured track teaching position at a university since there are very few positions open to teach astronomy. On the other hand, there are so many other opportunities and her favorite is working in the museum.

This is a highlight from our extended conversation with Dr. Hawkins from our #WomeninStem TV series. This episode is sponsored by Genentech. Tune back to watch the full interview with Dr. Hawkins.

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