Celeste Ford is a rocket scientist turned entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of Stellar Solutions that is headquartered in Silicon Valley. 

We sat down with Ford to find out how she got interested in science and math in school?  What led her to study engineering?  Why did she decide to become an entrepreneur after a successful career as an aerospace engineer?

Ford shares how she was good at math and science in high school and it was recommended that she study engineering. She decided to study aerospace for her undergraduate at Nortre Dame University in Indiana. Studying to be an aerospace engineer was an unusual choice for a woman in the 1970s she says.  After working as an aerospace engineer Ford decided to strike out on her own and became an entrepreneur.  She shares how she developed a winning mindset and how failure was not an option when she founded her company over 2 decades ago.

This conversation with Celeste Ford is part of our #WomeninStem TV series. This episode is sponsored by Genentech. 

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