Dr. Sandra Faber is Professor Emerita and former chair of the Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC). We asked her on how women have progressed in the field of science and technology over the years. “In my field there has been a big improvement,” points out Dr. Faber. At USCS more than 50 percent of the students in her department are women she adds. Recently Dr. Faber and her husband helped set up a chair in honor of Vera Rubin, a well-known American astronomer at UCSC. The purpose of the chair is to promote diversity, which includes women she said.

Dr. Faber is a renowned astronomer whose research interests include the structure and birth of galaxies and the design and construction of large optical telescopes, and optical instrumentation for astronomy.

This is a highlight of our 2-part conversation with Dr. Faber on how she got interested in science as a kid  and what drew her to study astronomy and astrophysics.

This 2-part episode is part of Season 4 of our Women in STEAM TV series that spotlights the role of  “hidden figures” in Silicon Valley and is sponsored by Zoho. This series aired on some PBS and independent stations in the US.