From our Women in STEM TV series meet Miku Jha, CEO and Founder of AgShift in Silicon Valley. 

This is a highlight of our extended conversation with Jha where she explains how her startup is helping address food quality and food waste issue in the food industry. One-third of available good goes to waste in the US according to US Department of Agriculture. One of the ways food is wasted is in the supply chain process and that is where AgShift’s solution comes into play. Jha shares how her startup uses Artificial Intelligence and big data to find solutions for this challenging issue. AgShift’s focus is to automate the quality of food inspection, which is currently done by a manual method in the food industry. They started their quality process with strawberries and plan to move to cashews and shrimps. 

Tune back in for our extended conversation with Jha where we explore how she went from working at VM Ware and other Silicon Valley companies to starting her company in the agtech space. What got her interested in science and math and who influenced her entrepreneurial streak?

This conversation is part of Season 3 of our #WomeninSTEAM #WomeninSTEM TV series that spotlights the role of “hidden figures” in Silicon Valley.

This interview aired and continues to air on PBS, Public Media and cable channels in the US.

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