The Kamla Show Women in STEM TV Series
We have a new 4-part Women in STEM from Silicon Valley. The four hidden figures in our new series of Women in STEM are Myra Nawabi, Kamini Deshpande, Kimberly Wiefling and Dr. Arghavan Salles. The series  starts airing on Utah’s UEN TV on Mondays at 9.30 pm MT and repeats on Fridays at 4.30 am MT. You can watch the first episode today on UEN TV at 9.30 pm MT.

Myra Nawabi came to the USA as a young refugee from Afghanistan. She struggled to finish her engineering degree & instead became a math teacher. How did she come to work for Lockheed Martin Space Systems?

Kamini Dandapani is Senior Director of Engineering at LinkedIn, where she leads an infrastructure and productivity engineering team. How & why did she become an engineer?

Kimberly Wiefling trained as a physicist and is now a global consultant for “Impossible Projects.” She came from a family of welders & would have become a welder. How did she forge her path into the tech world?

Dr. Arghavan Salles, MD, PhD. is a medical doctor, surgeon & an activist. She is a Scholar in Residence  School of Medicine, Stanford University. Dr. Salles says not to prioritize your  career above all else.  What brought about the change in her?

Other stations like PBS KRCB, PBS Guam, PBS Las Vegas, WNIT Public Station will start airing the new series in the next couple of months. We will keep you posted on their schedule.

Thank you to Zoho for sponsoring one of the episodes from Season 5 of our #WomeninSTEM TV series.

Here is a partial  list of TV stations in the US that broadcast our weekly TV show. 

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