Jerry Brown vs. Neel Kashkari For California’s Governor’s Elections

The governor’s race in California just got very interesting with an unexpected turn of events. Governor  Jerry Brown was a sho0-in for the primary elections in California. The question on many people’s mind in the Golden State was this – who will be his opponent come November? Which Republican candidate will be running against Governor Brown?… Continue Reading

Google’s Self Driving Car

It had to happen, right? A driverless car? A self driving car with no steering wheels and just an on/off button? All you do is hop into the car, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Yesterday Mountain View-based Google introduced its self driving car at the inaugural Code Conference in  Rancho Palos Verdes in… Continue Reading

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco copyright The Kamla Show

San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge Opens Today in 1937

San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge was a bridge that many thought could not be built. Can you imagine what it would be like if that beautiful and iconic bridge in that International Orange color  was not built? The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the first things folks want to see when they visit San… Continue Reading

iew of San Francisco from Fairmont Hotel

Nob Hill in San Francisco

 Nob Hill or “Nabob Hill” is a tony neighborhood n San Francisco. Yes, yes, the term “nabob” is derived from the Hindustani/Arab word “nawab” but morphed into “nabob” when the British were in India. The first reference of the word “nabob” was supposedly in 1612.  “Nabob” was used quite a bit in Britain to describe the… Continue Reading

John Oliver on The Biggest Elections In The World in India

  “The biggest elections in the world” is taking part in India points out John Oliver in “Last Week Tonight.” his new show that debuted this past Sunday on HBO.What was interesting is Oliver spent nearly 9 minutes talking about the great Indian elections. In less than 9 minutes Oliver provides a brilliant and incisive analysis… Continue Reading