Kiran Malhotra is Director of Venture Capital Relationships at Fenwick & West, a well-known Silicon Valley law firm. Facebook, Uber, Lending Club and GoPro are some of the companies that Fenwick & West has worked with.

In this interview we talk with Malhotra on how she went from working as a social worker in a non-profit organization to becoming the Executive Director of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) in Silicon Valley and to her current role in a well-known Silicon Valley law firm.

Malhotra explains her role as director of venture capital relationships at Fenwick & West and how she works with startups. Within the company she works with the startup practice group to main and expand their practice. Many of the early stage startup companies that come to Malhotra want VC connections and she works with them to find those connections.

Sifting through data and trends is an everyday routine for Malhotra and this helps her to keep track of the big picture of VC funding and tech trends. Naturally, we asked her to share the big picture of  venture capital funding for 2014, which was a banner year for investors and startups. Venture capitalists raised almost $30 billion in 2014. Almost $50 billion was invested in various companies. Software companies raked in the most amount of dollars followed by biotech and other sectors she explains.

Malhotra got her feet wet at TiE and working with startups and venture capitalists. The startup culture has influenced her thinking and in the next 5 years she sees herself as either launching a startup or being part of a well-funded startup.

As a single mother how does she handle her work-life balance? What tactics does she use to manage her life? She explains that it is not easy to achieve work-life balance and depends on her parents, in-laws and her former husband to raise her daughter. Without their support it would be a challenge she confesses.

This interview was aired on TV in San Francisco bay area.