Weiner - a documentary on Anthony WeinerJoshua Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg’s documentary Weiner is about Anthony Weiner, a former New York Congressman, who also ran for Mayor of New York in 2013. Kreigman worked as Weiner’s political consultant before becoming a filmmaker.

The film takes you behind the scenes and chronicles Weiner’s political life and spotlights his 2013 run for Mayor of New York. The mayoral campaign started off  on a strong note with strong ratings in the polls, but the subsequent scandal during the campaign marred his chances of winning the elections. He lost the elections.

We caught up with Kreigman and Steinberg at the 59th San Francisco International Film Festival, where Weiner was screened. We talked to them about why and how they made this film on Weiner.

LISTEN: Joshua Kreigman and Elyse Steinman Weiner – A Documentary on Anthony Weiner

The documentary shows Weiner at his home with his wife Huma Abedin and their child, at office and on the road during his mayoral campaign. In our film you get to see a more complete picture and a different side of  her (Huma Abedin) points out Steiberg.  She is a wife, a mother and you get to see her as a more complete person she adds.  Abedin is a long time political advisor to Hillary Clinton.

This is the worst thing to do Weiner confesses in the film.  Weiner and Abedin have not seen the film and we have offered them to the show the film points out Kreigman.

Here are a couple of reviews of Weiner that might interest you. The film is “an engrossing, almost shamefully entertaining documentary,” writes Ann Hornaday in The Washington Post. Weiner “has  an unexpected emotional undertow,” writes Eric Loder in Reason. The film is jaw-dropping and riveting writes Mike LaSalle in SFGate.

Weiner releases in San Francisco Bay area on May 27, 2016.