Steve Paolini is an engineer turned entrepreneur and is the President of Telelumen, that he founded in 2007 in Silicon Valley.

In Part-2 of our conversation we talk to him about  growing up in Pennsylvania and how he dreamt of being an engineer. He knew as a 10 year old that he wanted to be an electrical engineer. The decision to become an engineer was influenced by his dad, who was a tinkerer and liked to put things together. He never wavered from his goal of becoming an electrical engineer. Paolini was good in math and science & given a practical bent of mind it was easy for him to finish his engineering degree.

After finishing his engineering in Pennsylvania Paolini decided he wanted to travel and see the world. He came to Silicon Valley in 1981and joined Hewlett Packard. He got to travel and stay in Malaysia and Japan when he was working at Hewlett Packard before coming back to settle in Silicon Valley.

Paloni is one of those rare engineers in Silicon Valley, who worked for one company (Hewlett Packard) for over 20 years and stayed narrowly focussed in one area – LED. “LED that is not what I want to do, I want to do test gear,”says Paolini when he got that initial call from Hewlett Packard. His interest was working on test equipment. Once he joined the LED group at Hewlett Packard he got hooked to LED and he has never wavered.

He did not want to finish his career by working in a big company. He decided to become an entrepreneur and that is how he founded Telelumen. Being an entrepreneur has its own set of challenges that he and his co-founders have learn to navigate.

What does success mean to Paolini? He has an interesting answer that is colored by his dad’s philosophy of life. Tune in to find out.

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