From our Women in STEM TV series meet Dr. Arghavan Salles who is currently a Scholar in Residence at School of Medicine, Stanford University. She is a medical doctor, a surgeon, and an activist. Her research focus is on  on gender equity and physician well-being.

In our one-on-one conversation Dr. Salles talks  about her life choices and how she developed an interest in math and science and why she chose to become a doctor and a surgeon. She got a PhD in education and shares what drew her to research on gender equity, stereotypes and physician well-being. Dr. Salles also shares the personal costs she paid for some of her professional decisions.  

In this clip Dr. Salles shares how she developed and pursues  her interest in gender stereotypes. How does gender stereotype impact’s women’s experience when they train to become surgeons?  She says, “part of what I do is write about what it is to be a woman in medicine, and what it is to be a woman surgeon. Every patient I interact with is an opportunity to change perceptions. Every trainee I interact with is an opportunity to do the same. Things like this where we’re speaking to big audiences, I think, are really helpful and powerful.”

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