We crossed over 3 million views on our YouTube channel and a big thank you to you all for helping us cross this milestone. Now, for some insane reason I was reminded of that memorable scene from Ivan Reitman’s film Twins, where Danny De Vito says “5 Million Dollars?” You have got to watch that clip on YouTube. Don’t judge me for talking about that famous scene of Danny De Vito’s. It is the sentiment he displays that counts and not his actions for which he is gets $5 million.

When our YouTube channel crossed over 3 million dollars oops! meant to write 3 million views a while back, we realized this is an important landmark that highlights the power of stories. Our audience, that is “you,” resonate with authentic conversations. Stories matter. Stories influence us. Stories connect us to one another. As one of our viewers put it, “I feel there is a social responsibility for inspiring both children and adults alike with the stories of folks who display the best of humanity, especially during times when otherwise the state of things seem bleak. Thank you for featuring Jyotsna, because stories like hers help dispel the stereotype against, and spread appreciation for, people who might be differently-abled than what may be considered “normal.””

The current pandemic of 2020 has demonstrated over and over again the power of stories and why we need them. Stories keep our hopes alive when we hit that speed bump.  That is why the tagline for our show is: Life, People and Ideas.  It is about life, and how people from different walks of life keep their ideas and passion alive and realize them. Now, more than ever we feel the need to stay connected with life, people and ideas.

For us YouTube is an important channel to share the authentic conversations and stories our guests so generously share. Our guests share how they discovered their passion, how they stumbled, how they almost gave up, but then a parent, mentor, teacher or a friend helped them through and how they succeeded. Embedded in those conversations are useful nuggets and valuable advice that can help us.

Besides YouTube, our TV show airs in over 30 states in the US and reaches a mix of markets. Our series is broadcast on PBS and Independent channels, cable and educational institutions.  Our weekly TV series is a “valuable component of our educational cable TV programming schedule…Your Women in Technology Series continues to be a treasured addition to our lineup and has received much praise from our views,” is how the manager of TV station in an educational institution put it.

A huge thank you for watching, sharing and subscribing to our YouTube channel.

And, if you have not subscribed, please hit that bell icon button and hit that subscribe button. You won’t regret it.